As INSURANCE BROKER we focus on providing insurance contracting…

services in an agile, efficient, innovative and with high standards of customer service, focused on the coverage, welfare and economy of each of our clients.


Our company’s main value is to be honest with our clients, suppliers and competitors, as well as to show a complete transparency that must be reflected in the presentation of periodic and accessible economic accounts. Transparency and honesty are essential for our company to achieve a good reputation.


Our constancy and commitment is reflected in our progressive growth and stability generated, our collaborators and
business partners are characterized by giving a prompt response, monitoring and solution to each problem presented, our main objective is to stay in contact with customers and supply their high expectations.


Our constant training allows us to remain in permanent innovation and expectation of the changes generated in the
insurance market, which in turn allows us to guarantee the adaptability to any necessary change process.


All companies must perform periodic analyzes that allow them to discover their strengths and weaknesses, one of
the big mistakes of companies is to think that they are always right and their strategy is appropriate. However, as
BLUE BOX BROKER, self-criticism allows us to identify errors and improve service for each of our clients.


For BLUE BOX BROKER, the responsibility is the basis to get the best support for our clients, under the efficient
management of resources, and the constant communication.


BLUE BOX BROKER maintains a permanent focus on the fulfillment of promises and commitments to clients as
well as commercial partners, giving our best effort so that the negotiations are transparent and comply with the
highest service standards.

Our Services

Our proposal is focused on the analysis of the policies that your company and its clients have currently hired, focusing on 3 main axes.


comprehensive coverage, civil liability of $ 50,000, rates from 2.4%, discounts for cash payments…


Plans coverage from $ 6,000 to half a million dollars that includes: in-network and out-of-network medical appointments, pharmacy network, medical exam coverage, drug coverage…


Plans from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000, with annual premiums of $ 35.00. Death coverage for any cause, Funeral service in perpetuity, Medical expenses due to accident. Serious illness, total and permanent disability…


Worldwide Coverage within our Medical Network…


Plans with coverage of $ 10,000, with annual premiums of $ 139.90, includes coverage for fire, catastrophic events, civil liability…


Plans with coverage from $ 50,000 for structure + content coverage from $ 10,000, annual premiums from $ 274.00…

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«I’m pleased to have found Carlos Ramirez at Blue Box. I found it difficult to find a travel insurance that offers worldwide coverage at a reasonable price, but that’s just what I’ve got with Carlos. He speaks great English and will even become my local broker for my Humana health insurance. Call him for your needs»

Madeleine B.


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