In the Ecuadorian insurance market, there are 19 health insurance companies offering individual plans that can be purchased either personally or through an insurance advisor. But what is the difference between an insurance advisor and an insurance seller? An insurance advisor focuses on offering plans that meet the clients’ needs as part of their professional career, whereas an insurance seller offers plans that suit the insurance company’s needs. In other words, the advisor works for the client, while the seller works for the insurance company.

In our agency authorization, there is a clause that allows us to PRODUCE insurance. What does it mean to be an INSURANCE PRODUCER? It involves conducting technical analysis based on various guidelines, including annual medical inflation, sales projections, claims history, and reserves, to present a specific plan to an insurance company for a group of clients or an age range. These plans are known as corporate plans. Why don’t all insurance agents have corporate plans? Because insurance companies not only evaluate the proposal presented but also the experience, teams, and processes.

Is it convenient to belong to a corporate plan? Of course. In a corporate plan, the broker handles the premium negotiation. Therefore, if you want to indiscriminately increase premiums, affect coverage, exclude providers, or affect rights, advisors have the obligation to take a defensive position or negotiate with a new company that can maintain the conditions. The basis of these negotiations will always be continuity of coverage.

What ensures that a company accepts the proposal presented by a broker? Experience, solvency, and market representation.

As the founder of BLUEBOX and with studies both domestically and internationally, including an MBA, a master’s in senior management, and an engineering degree, I have gained recognition from several insurance companies. We have managed to position ourselves as one of the top 10 brokers in the country. Since the foundation of BLUEBOX in 2012, my goal has been to generate proposals that meet the needs of a specific market. That’s why we will always have corporate insurance plans that adapt to your needs, but we will also offer the same plans available in the market, supported by a great team and national-level service for any requirement.

Want to learn more about our plans? Feel free to contact us, and remember that a low-cost plan does not imply risk if you’re with one of the best advisors in the country.