BBA has recently renewed its commercial ties with the insurance company Humana. In light of this, a seminar was conducted on how to make the most of the benefits offered by this esteemed company’s policies. The seminar featured the presence of key figures from Humana, as well as special guests who provide services to the expatriate community residing in Ecuador. BBA’s vision and mission are clear: to provide the best benefits from contracted policies at the best prices, accompanied by unparalleled service. Moreover, BBA offers a unique guarantee to its loyal members, promising excellence in customer service. We are the only broker that invests in its members, having conducted more than ten seminars in 2023 throughout Ecuador, allowing us to closely understand their needs, faces, and cases. We have taken a personal interest in their well-being, and our promise as a company is to provide you with quality service, with the best testament being a recommendation of excellent service.


During this important seminar, several topics were addressed, such as the proper use of my policy, the additional benefits I have, how to use my online application to check the status of my claims and monthly premiums, how to file claims, among others, which were of interest to the attendees. Our seminars are private and focused on addressing the concerns of health insurance policyholders in Ecuador. In most cases, expatriate policyholders do not fully comprehend the processes, as they are accustomed to insurance companies and clinics handling all aspects of the reimbursement process. This is where our role is vital, as we provide personalized guidance in your language, enabling you to understand and navigate each process. Additionally, you will be supported step by step at no extra cost, a unique service offered only by BBA.


Our prices are unbeatable, with insurance available from $49.25, regardless of age. We offer the best coverage in the insurance market, with partnerships with the country’s top clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories, ready to provide guaranteed, quality service. Our primary coverage includes medical appointments, home medical visits, prosthetic coverage, dental benefits, physical therapy coverage, surgeries, emergencies, childbirth, annual benefits such as Pap smears, mammograms, breast ultrasounds, PSA tests, among others, making this policy one-of-a-kind.


One of the most frequently asked questions during our seminars is about reimbursements: what documents to submit, when to do it, and why it is the policyholder’s responsibility to collect this information when purchasing a prepaid medical service. Well, all of these doubts were resolved during the seminar. And if you couldn’t attend, now is the time for you to gain a brief understanding of these processes.


The documentation to be presented to an insurance company is generally the same: a reimbursement form, a medical certificate, test results, and examination invoices, a medical prescription, and an electronic invoice. These are the basic prerequisites for all claims. You should be aware of three additional documents: form 008 in case of emergencies, medical history in the event of emergency hospitalizations or surgery, and a medical record, which is required in cases of degenerative diseases or those with a presumed long history. The first two documents are the responsibility of the clinic where you receive emergency care or schedule your surgery, while the remaining documents are the obligation of your primary care physician, who is familiar with each of these and is responsible for providing each document after your medical appointment (remember always to inform that you are a client with active health insurance and always carry the reimbursement form with you, as this is the user’s responsibility). The established timeframe for submitting this documentation is 90 days. Our recommendation is to collect them within the first 30 days after your medical event, as the insurance company may request additional information.


Now, why is it the policyholder’s responsibility to collect this documentation? This documentation should be collected by the patient who receives medical care, as all doctors, in general, are bound by the Hippocratic Oath, which prohibits them from providing any patient information unless required by law. Therefore, without your assistance, by communicating with your doctor to authorize the collection of these documents by BBA, we cannot conclude the process. This is why we request your help because insurance companies and healthcare providers do not have a direct connection, and if you do not personally present your medical expenses with invoices in your name, with your details and electronically, this last point is crucial, as from November 30, 2023, government regulations have standardized billing processes in Ecuador, and printed invoices or receipts are no longer valid; only electronically regulated invoices accepted by the SRI are recognized.


These were some of the topics addressed in our seminar on the proper use of your policy. Visit us now and learn more about our prices, services, and personalized guidance. You can always visit us at our offices in Cuenca or Manta and through our website, social media, and BBA contacts. You will always receive the assistance of a specialized insurance services advisor.