Confiamed is a highly profitable company that began operations in Ecuador in 2009. Since then, it has remained among the highest-rated nationally for its prompt payment capacity, agility in reimbursement responses, and above all, because it has a highly trained human capital. Bluebox advisors maintain a beneficial closeness with the company due to its high production and low accident rate, allowing alliances to strengthen and additional benefits to be added for Confiamed affiliates through our brokerage. The high demand for monthly contracts handled through our consultancy has allowed Confiamed to develop a specific dental plan for our affiliates that you won’t find with other agents or directly with the company.

When contracting a health policy with CONFIAMED, you will find benefits that you won’t have with any other insurance company, such as an extensive network of providers, an exclusive dental plan for clients affiliated through Bluebox, travel coverage included in your health policy, meaning that when you travel, you won’t incur extra expenses. You only need to contact your trusted broker 48 hours before your trip, provide all the information requested, and immediately the authorization for your CONFITRAVEL will be requested. Additionally, this company offers telemedicine and home doctor services, which is of great help to its affiliates. Being a highly profitable company, CONFIAMED ensures that your reimbursements are deposited on time into your bank account, without delays or issues. Furthermore, its settlement portal is user-friendly and easily accessible.


$30,000.00 $150.00 $170.05
$60,000.00 $200.00 $188.01
$110,000.00 $250.00 $201.09
$500,000.00 $5,000.00 $100.03


Confiamed offers various types of insurance, distinguished by their coverage amounts, deductibles, and monthly costs. Below, I will briefly explain their most popular coverages in a table summarizing all our doubts. All the plans we present in our table are perfectly combinable, especially the major medical expenses plan, which combines perfectly with a low-layer policy, covering from $5,000 with an annual deductible of $100 and a monthly fee starting at $39.20. Combining policies allows you to enjoy all the benefits of private health insurance in Ecuador. Having a low-layer plan allows you to cover the deductible of a major medical expenses plan and also enjoy all the benefits of the dental plan offered exclusively by CONFIAMED for Bluebox, thus obtaining one of the highest and most comprehensive coverages in the country for a fair and comfortable price for you. We are focused on providing you with insurance options that adapt to your needs.


Monthly premiums at CONFIAMED vary according to the coverage amount and deductible value. One of its exceptions to the rule are plans with half a million dollars in coverage, with high deductibles but reasonable monthly fees. A major medical expenses plan provides nationwide coverage in the country’s best clinics, and soon the company will extend its networks to Colombia, so stay tuned to our social networks. The major medical expenses plan also includes certain benefits not found in other insurance modalities, one of which is that covering your annual deductible 100% ensures that your in-network coverages will be total, and only in some cases will these coverages be 90%, leaving only 10% to be paid out of pocket, which is quite convenient for your interests.


Now that I have briefly introduced you to their plans and deductibles, I also want to provide you with some important information about the coverage amounts and deductibles offered by the company. It’s time to talk about their network and benefits, and for that, I will again provide you with a clear table of their network and general benefits.



Provider Network One
San Juan de Dios Hospital
Rio Hospital
Monte Sinai Clinic
Santa Ana Clinic
Santa Inés Clinic
Catholic University Teaching Hospital
Ecuaamericana Ecuador



Network Pharmacies
Sana Sana
Farmacias económicas
Cruz Azul



General Coverage Affiliate Copayment
– Unlimited medical appointments – 20%-10%
– Hospitalization in the country’s top clinics – 20%-10%
– Emergency coverage – 20%-10%
– Blood and imaging medical tests – 20%-10%
– Medication – 20%-10%
– Intensive care unit – Varies depending on the contracted limit
– Physical therapy – 20%-10%





These are just some of the allied networks and their most common coverages. If you are interested, we can provide you with a complete quote in which you will learn everything that this wonderful product encompasses. Lastly, I want to let you know about some of the exclusive benefits of the “BLUEBOX DENTAL CARE” plan, a benefit that you can only get by contracting your medical insurance with Bluebox. You might say that on the official Confiamed website, dental coverage is offered, and this is correct, but the plan the company has designed for BBA is more comprehensive. Contact us now and receive more information.


DENTAL CARE Coverage Copayment Waiting Period Number of Events Remarks
Evaluation of the patient’s condition.
ORAL HYGIENE EDUCATION. 100% Not Applicable Unlimited
Recommendations for good hygiene.
PROPHYLAXIS (Dental plaque removal). 100% Not Applicable 2 per year
Removal of dental plaque through brushing.
CONSULTATION WITH SPECIALIST. 100% Not Applicable Unlimited
Evaluation for other types of oral medical conditions.
RESTORATION Coverage Copayment Waiting Period Number of Events Remarks
SIMPLE RESIN RESTORATION *Due to presence of cavities. 100% $          – Not Applicable 2 per month
Small aesthetic white filling on a single surface of the tooth.
SURGERY Coverage Copayment Waiting Period Number of Events Remarks
EXTRACTIONS OF THIRD MOLARS/ERUPTED OR IMPACTED. 100% $          – Not Applicable Unlimited
Extraction of wisdom teeth.



I hope this brief article about this great company allows you to learn more about its insurance offerings and, above all, understand that its prices include greater benefits than you will find with other insurance companies and that its reimbursement payments are prompt and with minimal fee deductions. Also, remember that not all procedures are covered, just like some medicines that are not covered either. These exclusions are generally the usual ones regulated by the country as general exclusions. Confiamed is committed to its affiliates and aims to provide comprehensive coverage at costs regulated by the regulatory body, with the promise of providing answers to your concerns and needs.