Have you ever wondered what sets an insurance company apart from the rest? In Ecuador, one agency has earned the trust of over 2,500 clients nationwide, received accolades and awards, and positioned itself as the third most important broker in
Azuay, according to the Superintendence of Companies, Securities, and Insurance (SCVS). This agency, known as Bluebox Asesores, has transformed the perception of the insurance industry in the country by delivering a personalized experience that exceeds expectations.

Established over a decade ago, Bluebox Asesores has become a specialized broker in the marketing and production of insurance in Ecuador. Led by their CEO, MBA Carlos Ramirez, who holds an active license and boasts outstanding credentials, including an MBA and a master’s in high management obtained in Spain and Italy, the Bluebox team possesses profound knowledge and expertise in insurance that has facilitated their exponential growth.


One of the reasons why Bluebox has earned the trust of its clients is its impressive 99% claims paid rate. This personalized support for each case presented for reimbursement ensures that clients receive the protection they need precisely when they need it most. Additionally, their focus on the insurance market for foreigners residing in Ecuador has made them pioneers in the industry, offering exclusive products at unbeatable prices. A bilingual team specialized in insurance is available to assist clients at their strategically located physical offices in Cuenca, Manta, and Bahía de Caráquez.

However, Bluebox Asesores stands out not only for its commercial success but also for its strong commitment to social responsibility. Through ongoing support to foundations and active participation in charitable events, Bluebox contributes to
permanent societal improvement. Their dedication goes beyond serving their clients; they are actively involved in establishing a path of ongoing social support.

The recognition from the community of foreigners residing in Ecuador is a testament to the quality of service that Bluebox offers. The agency has been awarded “The Best of Gringo Post”; prize for three consecutive years, as well as other accolades for sales and continuous training of their staff. Their close connection with the expat community has enabled them to participate in significant events, such as the celebration of the independence of the United States, sharing gratifying moments with war veterans, and attending theater productions organized by the community.

Bluebox Asesores understands that their proximity to their affiliates goes beyond mere business transactions; it is a human bond that makes them treat each case as if it were their own. This empathy and connection have driven Bluebox to create a unique insurance experience in Ecuador, where personalized and free advice is fundamental at every step of the process of obtaining and using an insurance policy.

If you already have insurance but are dissatisfied with the service, do not hesitate to contact Bluebox Asesores. Their focus on excellence and continuous improvement makes them the ideal choice for those seeking the best insurance experience in Ecuador. Join the community of satisfied clients and discover why Bluebox Asesores is the leading insurance broker in the country.