On the bustling roads of Ecuador, road safety is paramount. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are a harsh reality that can irreversibly impact lives. According to recent statistics, vehicle thefts in Ecuador have increased by 25% in the last year, and the death toll on roads remains alarmingly high, with an average of 20 fatalities per month.

As per data from the newspaper Primicias, in the first half of 2023 alone, there were 1,156 victims—a record high since 2019. Meanwhile, during the same period, there were 9,986 accidents, compared to 10,952 from January to June 2022 and over 12,000 in the same months of 2019. These are alarming figures, particularly considering the rise in crime rates in the last year, introducing new insecurities for your vehicle. Most of these events occurred without insurance coverage and responsibility of the event-causer.

Imagine Lucas’s story, an expatriate enjoying the beauty of Ecuador who was involved in an accident. One day, while driving towards the magnificent coastal landscapes, a reckless car collided with him. Stunned by the mishap, he watched as the responsible driver fled, leaving him with damages to his vehicle and injuries.

In such challenging situations, appropriate help can make a difference. This is where an insurance advisor comes into play. At Bluebox Asesores, we understand the vulnerability of these circumstances. Our expert advisors not only offer comprehensive vehicle policies but also provide support and guidance in critical moments like these.

Key Benefits of Bluebox Asesores Vehicle Policies:

  1. Coverage Includes:

– Partial theft

– Roadside assistance

– Tow service

– Legal assistance

– Locksmith service

– Total theft

– Accidents

– Malicious damage

– Fire

– Floods

– Natural disasters

– And more

  1. Roadside Assistance:

Imagine Lucas, being stranded in the middle of the road after the accident. With our roadside assistance, you’ll be covered 24/7 to address mechanical issues or receive help in case of an accident. In 2019, we handled an incident involving one of our clients on a Sunday in a difficult-to-access area in Cajas. We went to the location, provided assistance to the distressed affiliate, sent them in a taxi, and later arranged for a tow truck to remove the vehicle. The event concluded at 2 am, but our satisfaction lay in knowing our client rested peacefully at home, trusting Bluebox Asesores throughout.

  1. Legal and Administrative Support:

In scenarios like Lucas’s, our team would handle legal and administrative aspects, easing the process and providing you with the peace of mind you need. BBA specializes in handling traffic accidents nationwide. Don’t worry if you don’t live in regions where we have physical offices; we are available 24/7 via our phone lines and can coordinate legal assistance from anywhere in the country. In 2023, we managed a traffic accident in Quito involving a motorcyclist and our client driving a sedan. The motorcyclist was intoxicated and collided with our client’s vehicle. Upon inspecting the motorcyclist’s documents, it was discovered they were an undocumented minor. As soon as our client realized this, their immediate action was to contact us directly. We immediately engaged traffic officers and contacted the insurance company’s call center for two services: tow truck and legal advice. The incident was resolved in 3 hours, resulting in the detainment of the motorcyclist and our client finally being at ease regarding legal consequences, as our legal assistant promptly presented all necessary arguments and requested surveillance footage from the 911 cameras in the area. This event took longer due to legal reasons, but like in other incidents, everything was resolved with our guidance and personalized search for service providers.

At BBA, we understand that each driver is unique. Our advisors personalize your policies to fit your specific needs and the type of vehicle you own. We are responsible advisors to our clients, assisting them in their accidents not only by coordinating services but also by personally attending the repair workshops where the damaged vehicles are taken. We search for the best brands of spare parts, ensuring your vehicle returns to you in the same insured conditions, without surprises, and with the guarantee of correct repairs. One of the benefits of our policies is that, for an additional $40.00, you can access a replacement car for 30 days.

A traffic accident can change everything in an instant. With Bluebox Asesores, you don’t just get a vehicle policy; you get a committed team by your side, ready to provide support and security on the toughest roads in Ecuador.

Contact us today and discover how we can protect your vehicle in Ecuador with our vehicle policies tailored to your needs.