Health Insurance

In Ecuador you can find the best health coverage for minimum monthly costs. A health insurance policy in Ecuador, allows you to expedite your visa procedures and residence in Ecuador. In addition to providing you with all the necessary coverage to make you feel safe in Ecuador.

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Art. 30. – Obtaining health insurance. – In order to maintain temporary or permanent stay in Ecuadorian territory, foreigners must have a public or private health insurance of full coverage, valid for the time of authorized stay in the country. This insurance shall be submitted to the authority of human mobility within thirty (30) days after the granting of the visa. Once the foreigner presents this requirement, the Authority that issued the visa will send the corresponding identification order to the Civil Registry Authority. Foreign persons are exempted from this requirement as follows: 1. persons residing in a border zone, in accordance with international instruments; 2. foreign persons under international protection. In the case of international transport crew members, the Transport Companies to which they belong shall be obliged to present the medical insurance of their operators at the time of requesting the corresponding permit.

Let’s talk about what’s important to you.

Amount of coverage $100,000.00 $6,000.00 $500,000.00
Deductible $180.00 $100.00 $5,000.00
Home health care
Laboratory tests
Intensive care
Medical appointments under copayment
Hospital coverage
Travel insurance
No age limit
Continuous medical care Waiting periods for pre-existing conditions
Waiting periods for pre-existing conditions 24 months 12 months 24 months
(once the deductible has been exceeded)
COST Starting at $115.
Varies depending on your age and sex
$39,20 Starting at $37.
Varies depending on your age and gender


How each plan works.


An individual plan allows you to be insured on a personal basis but this same insurance can be adapted to your family’s needs and become a family plan.

A health insurance can vary its cost according to your age and your coverage needs, a basic coverage in Ecuador starts at $ 6,000 per event or medical needs, with a monthly cost of $ 39.20, but one of the most recommended coverage by our broker is the individual plan of $ 100,000 per event or medical needs, this coverage will allow you to be protected to the maximum for a comfortable monthly cost for you.


A major expense plan has a coverage of $ 500,000 with an annual deductible of $ 5,000 per year, this high deductible cost can be covered with a lower insurance, a major expense plan is optimal if you do not use your medical insurance frequently or if you are a person who enjoys good health, since this will only have the function of being an emergency insurance for you, the monthly cost is low and depends on your age and sex.


A combined health plan is one of the best options when contracting a health policy since a combined policy allows you to make use of the best benefits of two policies for a minimum monthly value that assures you a complete coverage in Ecuador.

A combined plan consists of taking a policy with a high deductible and a large coverage accompanied by a smaller policy that covers your deductible of the larger policy and gives you considerable coverage for medical appointments, medical exams and primary expenses that can be a headache if not properly planned.

10 Benefits you get when you are insured.


1. Choose the doctor you prefer:

Insurance companies have a wide “nationwide medical network” that allows you to choose the professional you want according to your health needs.

2. Efficiency and speed:

It is possible to go to the specialist directly, without having to go through the general practitioner first.

3. Personalized and reliable care:

Medical care is personalized and tailored to the medical needs of each individual, plus you can choose from the best clinics in the country and request that your doctor speaks English.

4. Flexible schedules:

The availability and schedule of the doctors is ample, which allows you to attend at times convenient to your daily needs.

5. Hospitalization in the best clinics in the country:

In the event that hospitalization is required, it is possible to have a single room, greater peace of mind and all the necessary services available to the patient.

6. Reduced waiting times:

Emergency services, specialists and availability of operating rooms are organized to be as little as possible in the rooms or waiting times.

7. International coverage:

Private insurance allows you to receive medical care inside and outside the country in which you reside.

8. Medical treatment:

Thanks to the benefits provided by these private medical insurance policies, the treatments applied are innovative, and you can count on complementary or alternative therapeutic options that ensure your wellbeing.

9. Dental services:

You can count on certain dental benefits for accidents or any casual appointment you may require..

10. Coverage for pre-existing conditions:

Verify that your health insurance covers your pre-existing conditions after the waiting periods, which must be declared at the beginning of your policy.

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