In a continuous effort to elevate our standards and provide exceptional service to our clients, the claims agents at Bluebox Advisors recently participated in specialized training focused on medical claims. Geovanny Calderón and Stefany Quijije, two of our talented agents at the national level, attended this intensive course organized by the Institute of Professionals in Benefits and Finance (IPBF).

Bluebox Advisors takes pride in being a bilingual team with over a decade of experience in the market. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive and personalized solutions to our clients, and this training is a crucial step in that direction.

During the IPBF training, Geovanny and Stefany delved into the following topics:

  1. Medical Claims Processes: They explored procedures from claim submission to resolution. They learned how to handle complex cases and ensure effective communication with healthcare providers and policyholders.
  2. Legal and Regulatory Aspects: They gained deeper insights into the laws and regulations governing medical claims. Our agents are now better equipped to navigate legal challenges and ensure compliance.
  3. Empathetic Communication: Empathy is essential in claims management. Geovanny and Stefany honed their communication skills to provide sensitive and understanding service to our clients.

Bluebox in Figures

  • Annual Production: According to the Superintendency of Companies, Securities, and Insurance, Bluebox Advisors ranks third in Azuay in terms of annual production. This stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us.
  • Strategic Alliances: Our company has exclusive agreements with some of the best companies in the country. These alliances allow us to offer personalized solutions and competitive advantages to our clients.

Behind every achievement is a visionary leader. Our CEO, Carlos Ramírez, plays a pivotal role in Bluebox Asesores’ success. In addition to leading our company, Carlos recently completed an MBA in Spain, driving significant improvements in our internal processes and our ability to serve clients more efficiently.

In summary, IPBF training strengthens our position as leaders in the medical claims sector. Geovanny, Stefany and the entire Bluebox Asesores team are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. We will continue working diligently to exceed expectations and deliver quality solutions!